How and with what does one transport a horse?

In the wild a horse hardly has contact with any means of transport;
apart from this most horses are rarely transported.

Today we would probably pull our hair out, when we remember how the transport of
former times looked like.
What was that for cruelty to animals!

Our current livestock transport is completely co-ordinated with the well-being and security of the animals,

 From simple,     single horse trailers;

up to the luxury transporters.   

To ensure the horse has pleasant journey, a trailer should be equipped for the well-being of the horse:

It should have a slip-proof floor and surfaces for leaning against.
A firm place to lean against gives additional security while driving, for the horse to balance itself

- too much room again means instability.

A bright interior lessens the animals fear of the small place - then they will travel more calmly.
A small inclination of the rear ramp makes loading easier.
A high and long trailer leaves more free space.
Large windows calm the animal down. 
For easier backing it is better, if the trailer has a mechanism for going backwards. 
Before travelling you should always check the electrical installation,
and make sure the trailer is well marked.
Start off without jerking!
Then with approximately 600 kilograms of heavy Animal in the trailer is particularly unstable 
due to its high gravitational point.
The horse adjusts slight unevenness by rhythmic stepping.
When going round bends the horse leans against the side panel and supports itself with the hind legs
The horse should be tied up with a Head collar and rope.
The towing vehicle must be weight-related, because the trailer lengthens the 
braking distance in each case.
If you transport horses in the trailer, please drive slowly.

 And don´t let yourself be harrassed by impatient drivers.

A hay net should be tied at head height, and one should always make sure that there is enough water on board

With longer journeys are also Kneepads, bandages and blankets can be useful.





Always remember that for some horses loading and travelling is not an everyday experience,
and the horse has to learn to do this as with all other things.