Show Equipment

 The Show stands before the door and a lot of work must be done behind the scenes, in order to let the show take place.

Large praise must be expressed to all of those who make such a day possible.

First of all the date and place must be coordinated, not always that easy!

Park places for competitors, possible accommodation and extra working areas are to be considered,
apart from the normal rings that are needed.

How many rings are necessary depends on the number of competitors, and what kind of show it is.

Sufficient places for food and drink and other human needs must also be taken into account.

The judges do not only need seating, but they also need a wind-protected place so that they can do the necessary paperwork,
without it flying away or getting wet.

Public - address systems are a must, one can not always just shout!!!

Ring ropes

         Obstacles            Dressage arena

 as well as Flags, Number boards,

 and Competitornumbers,  are only some of the things necessary for the success of the day.

   Spectator seating is another important point, then last but not least the much coveted Rosettes and Cups.


Most important on the day are many many helpers,

many competitors and hopefully beautiful weather,

in order to achieve a successful day.