About me

Many people have asked who is behind this Home Page.

Actually I did not think that anyone would be interested.
Now for those, who would like to know, I will attempt to tell a little about myself.

My name is Fiona and I was born in England, in 1958.
I began to ride at the age of ten.
Not that I wouldn’t have liked to start earlier, but at that time it was not possible.

After my very first riding lesson I knew, that I wanted to work with horses, unfortunately it came differently, as is the case for a lot of people.

Since then I’ve ridden a lot of different types of Ponies and Horses and I’ve tried out many different ways of riding.

My very first show was in 1972 and I came third in the barrel jumping with my friends Pony. (in each round a barrel is removed from the row, one must jump over the barrel in the centre.)

We had a lovely riding school near us, admittedly it was not one of the posh schools, it was one of those schools were one learnt to stay on no matter what, we spent most of the time waiting to see if we could get some lessons for free.

My riding teacher used to do a lot of show jumping, so that she didn’t only show me how to jump, she helped me to take part and ride my own competitions.

In England there is nearly every weekend a "gymkhana"
Such shows are the best way to begin, because Ponies are very self-willed. This was one of the nicest times.

One of my nicest memories was riding in the "National Schools Jumping Championships" in 1973 at the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead.

Actually I had too little experience for such a show. But I wanted to take part, and it was definitely worthwhile. We did not win but we came 8th out of 42 teams, and we had the jump off in the main arena. In 1974 our school took part again, but there we had less luck. A year later we took part again but this time as seniors and came nineteenth.

After that I took part in lots of smaller shows with many different Ponies, with thanks to my mother who was always willing to drive me there.

In July 1974 I spent my first riding holiday in Wales and there I even managed the third place in a dressage test, whereby "Dressage" is not really my world. I also rode in Scotland, this is definitely the best way to see this beautiful country.

In August 1974 when my riding teacher was looking for a new horse, I saw my dream horse.It was love at first sight. After much persuading and the assistance of my godfather, I actually became my dream horse.

A "dark grey", "Irish Hunter" about 17hh, with a "Roman Nose" and with broad Blaze.
His name was "Finnegan" and had an enormous jumping ability. Unfortunately my luck was only of short duration, he died after a very bad attack of colic.

Lots of people were kind enough to lend me their horses so that I could carry on riding. With the "Eridge Hunt Pony club" I took my efficiency certificates, and with the "Tunbridge Wells Riding club" I rode my first cross country.

After finishing school, I wanted to do a three year training course, which was not very widely done in England at that time. Owing to my father, I actually found such a place.

It was therefore very upsetting for me, that I was unable to complete my training due to Illness. After this rather sad episode I bought myself a "Shetland Sheepdog”, as I couldn’t afford a second horse.

In 1977 I got married and we moved to Germany, due to my former friend from school who lives here, I kept up with the horses, despite the riding being very much different, as it was at home. Unfortunately I couldn’t do any teaching, as I did in England. After the births of my two children (Girl & Boy), I only rode out with my friend now and again.
After moving in 1984 I started looking after the horse from an acquaintance, in1986 I was asked, whether I would like to run a Vaulting group in the village. My acquaintance at that time put her horse at our disposal, a half Norwegian.

He had never been used for Vaulting before, neither had we done any! It was a great time.
Sometimes we had up to 15 children at one time, including my children of course.
We had several appearances for our Sportclub and thanks to my super children even a second place in a tournament. During this time I took part in a Vaulting training course in Traventhal, becoming my certificate as Trainer for Horse sport.

After this I moved again, remarried and became two more children (Two Boys), so that I didn´t ride for quite some time.
1998 gave another upheaval and I had to rearrange my life once again.
From there on I unfortunately had little time for riding, and also not the possibilities.

2002 I met my dream man, although I had actually met him in 1998, and together we started from scratch.

As computer specialist he asked me, if I’d like to make my own HP, and so Pferd4fun developed,

and also several other HPs

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Since 2012 I am a Freelance Author

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Now I would like to say a big thank you to my parents, none of this would have been possible without there assistance, and there readiness to help my dreams come true. Also a big thank you to my 4 children who always stand beside me, and for my husband for his imperturbable confidence in my work and his patience if everything does not go as fast as I would like it to.